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Who Are We? Part 2

Dr. Robert Leichliter DC | Skeletonex | Skeletonex Chiropractic & Rehabilitation | Chiropractor
Well now that you had a little bit of time to get to know me, I thought you may be just as interested to meet my stud muffin of a husband, Bob!
Since it's obvious I'm the brain of the operations (told you so last post), I'm sure you figured out that Bob is the brawn.

Meet my husband,

Dr. Bob Leichliter, DC.

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Who Are We? Part 1

Skeletonex | Skeletonex Chiropracitc & Rehabilitation | Bri Leichliter | Brianne Berkebile | Co-Founder
Welcome back!  So now that you've had an overview of Skeletonex, I thought many of you may be curious to know a little more about who runs this operation!
As you've probably seen from the Our Family section of our site, our business is owned and operated by myself and my husband.  Our own little mom and pop shop here in small town Pennsylvania!!
As all couples, my husband and I each have our own strengths and weakness.  So let me tell you a little more about us two CraZieS!
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Welcome to the Skeletonex Blog!

Skeletonex | The Skeletonex Blog | Introduction
I can't even contain my excitement! The day has finally come to launch our first blog! Thank you for stopping by and...

Welcome To Skeletonex!

Be Natural. Be Honest. Be Healthy.

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