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I can't even contain my excitement! The day has finally come to launch our first blog! Thank you for stopping by and...

Welcome To Skeletonex!

Be Natural. Be Honest. Be Healthy.

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In keeping with our motto, if I'm being honest, nothing scares me more than a blog.  I really don't think most people understand what actually goes into starting a blog.  The starting part might seem fine, but THE MAINTENANCE! But hey, someone has to do it! How else are we going to reach all of our readers and share all of this amazing information?
We have created this blog to provide an outlet for our readers and to become educated on living a healthier lifestyle.  
My husband, Bob, and I are on our own journey to living a healthier lifestyle.  We believe in using natural products and healing methods and are transitioning into using natural products throughout our home.  Don't get me wrong, the DH (Dear Husband) and I are not health nuts. We have plenty of bad habits that we're trying to kick, but as an open forum for a support group for other people like us, we want to share our journey with you and hopefully hear about yours!

Just a little info about what we're going to offer here on the Skeletonex blog:

Stay tuned for our next post where you'll get to learn a little more about me and the DH!
Bri Leichliter
Co-Founder of Skeletonex

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