Who Are We? Part 2

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Dr. Robert Leichliter DC | Skeletonex | Skeletonex Chiropractic & Rehabilitation | Chiropractor
Well now that you had a little bit of time to get to know me, I thought you may be just as interested to meet my stud muffin of a husband, Bob!
Since it's obvious I'm the brain of the operations (told you so last post), I'm sure you figured out that Bob is the brawn.

Meet my husband,

Dr. Bob Leichliter, DC.

Dr. Robert Leichliter DC | Skeletonex | Skeletonex Chiropractic & Rehabilitation | Chiropractor
That word is so weird and misleading...brawn.  The definition of brawn is physical strength in contrast to intelligence. That's so not Bob....he's more brainy than brawny, but we BOTH can't be the brain! Anyway, Bob is my rock and my #1 fan (other than my mom of course!), so I wanted to take this time to showcase him and give you all a little insight to his background.
Bob is from a rather big, shall I say amazing, family.  He's the youngest of five, and has two great parents.  Like me, Bob was an athlete in school with his favorite sport being baseball. He had the opportunity to play baseball in college, but decided that he wasn't going pro, so it wasn't worth putting his body through the extra stress. 
He had an injury in baseball that led him to his first visit to a chiropractor.  His injury to his back was pretty significant.  He went to see his family doctor who referred him to physical therapy. He religiously attended physical therapy for 6 weeks. Although he felt that his back was getting stronger, he didn't feel the pain relief he needed to return to the game he loved.  It was at that point he decided that it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion and see a chiropractor.
That experience amazed him!  He started doing more research on the field and was amazed at what the body could do to heal itself.  Needless to say, he was so convinced by his experience and how much pain relief he had, he became part of the profession.  Bob is a chiropractor. He is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College and currently work as an associate chiropractor.

The amount of passion that he has for the chiropractic profession amazes me.  

Bob and I have both watched people suffer with pain only to have someone push narcotics and prescription pain medications at them.  Chiropractic medicine is alternative medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine.
Since Bob can't virtually treat patients, you can guess that is the main reason he's not running this blog.  Well, that and he's not a fan of writing, but he does want to provide you with as much information as possible from his medical profession that can help you make healthier and more mindful decisions with your body and your health.
You'll be able to read some great articles on some common medical conditions that can be treated naturally.  Although Bob won't be able to provide you medical advice without a medical exam, he is here as a supporter and to help provide the best content we can to our readers. We're always looking for suggestions, so feel free to comment or use our form to ASK DR. BOB on our Connect With Us page!
Until next time...

Be Natural. Be Honest. Be Healthy.

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