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At the core of healthy living lies nutrition.  For most of us, even a healthy diet can leave us deficient in some areas.  Some of the deficiencies that we have could be from genetics, heredity, or even missing parts of our every day diet.

Taking nutritional supplements is a way to counteract those deficiencies to build a wholesome, healthy body.

The Council of Responsible Nutrition (CRN) put together a guide that explains the benefits of supplements.  

The Benefits of Nutritional Supplements


Here at Skeletonex, we are lucky to work with a great company that is right here in Pennsylvania.  Penn Herb Company has been in existence since 1924 and the founder of the company was a chiropractor, just like our co-founder, Dr. Robert Leichliter.

The Penn Herb brand of supplements is called Nature's Wonderland.  Many of the formulations are from their original formulas set forth by their founder, Dr. Konstanty Kalkosinski. We couldn't be happier to offer these products to our customer.  All of the Nature's Wonderland supplements and formulations are backed by a 100% guarantee, which is viewable on each product's description.

As always, please be sure you are consulting your health care provider when determining which supplements are appropriate for you.  The only information we can provide to you is information on the supplement based on what the supplements uses are for.  We cannot provide medical advice or diagnose any illness, disease, or disorder. If you are taking prescription mediciations, please be sure you are consulting your doctor before purchasing any supplements as they could interfere with your prescriptions.

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